Non-texual Artifacts

As a young black girl growing up I never knew where I came from. I knew my parents, but I’m talking about my history, my people. Who paved the way so I could exist? It wasn’t the European colonizers in the history books that “discovered” America.

They paved the way for

White Superiority.

Systemic Racism.

the Slaughter of Emmett Till.

the Birmingham Church Bombing.

Black Codes and Jim Crow laws.

Racial Profiling.

White Privilege.

Police Brutality.

Make America “Great” Again.

There has always been an empty void in my soul. But now I realize that’s because my identity is unclear. In order to know who I am I needed to figure out where I came from, so I made this video. This video displays the journey of black women in America. It depicts the injustices we’ve endured all the while having the strength to resist the exploitation of black bodies. This video challenges the notion that the past doesn’t affect the present by demonstrating how interconnected the past and present is. This video depicts the resilience of black women while also emphasizing the beauty and value of us. We are Valuable. We are Melanin Queens. We are Black Women.

*Disclaimer this video features gruesome and disturbing images.